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Connections are more important than ever as we look torward a future bridging our knowledge and finding networking opportunities.  This is a great way to get to know your local paralegal community and make a difference in the profession!

Below are the Committees and Leader positions that WSPA offers to its members to be an active and engaged member in the legal community

Please contact any member of the Board with your interest.

Requirements: Must be a current WSPA member.  All committee positions and leader roles require a minimum of 15 minutes attendance at each monthly WSPA Board of Directors meeting.  At the meeting, you will be requested to provide updates to the Board on any activities related to your respective role. 

Ethics Committee
Ethics are a keystone to the legal profession.  WSPA is committed to providing its members updated information in ethics. 

Ethics Committee Leader   - This role will provide training opportunities and insights on ethics for the WSPA Board and its members.  Creates content for events and trainings, provides information to the WSPA newsletter.  Manages communications and reporting from Ethics subcommittees.  Works in connection with CLE Coordinator and Pro Bono Committee Leader.

Ethics Subcommittees

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator - Aim to continuously build and maintain an inclusive environment that values everyone.  Integrate diversity and inclusion into all aspects of how we serve WSPA members, administration and vendors.  Contributes content and updates to the WSPA newsletter.

Community Connections Committee
Community is what makes WSPA a thriving association and creates the ability for paralegals to work together and network to share the love of our profession.  

Community Connections Committee Leader - This role connects members with other volunterr organizations' activities that reflect the mission and values of WSPA.  Maintains professional relationships with volunteer organizations and the legal community.  Manages communication and reporting from Community Connections subcommittees. 

Community Connections Subcommittees

Newsletter Editor - Gathers content for the WSPA newsletter and distributes to members.

Social Media Administrator - Attends events and manages daily social media content and responses on media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.  Contributes content and updates to the WSPA newsletter.  

Student Liasion  - Connects with Colleges and Universities, attends events, connects with students and recruits student    ambassadors at each school.  Updates website with contact information for Colleges and Universities. 

  Vendor Relations Manager - Manages relationships with outside vendors, sponsors, and sustaining members.  Coordinates involvement in events and vendor advertising/marketing. 

Pro Bono Committee
WSPA respects the legal profession's responsibility to serve communities that ordinarily cannot afford representation, regardless when basic rights and interests are at stake.  A legal system that works for everyone, regardless of economic or social status, is important to WSPA. 

Pro Bono Committee Leader - In this role, the leader will gather, research, and organize content of pro bono work opportunities.     Connects WSPA members with those opportunities and contributes content and updates to the  WSPA newsletter.

Professional Development Committee
WSPA empowers its members to stay up to date on any latest trends and changes in the legal field.

Professional Development Committee Leader - In this role, the leader will gather, research, and organize content of professional    development opportunities and connect WSPA members with those opportunities.  They    will also provide updats from the Professional Development subcommittees and submit    final content of subcommittee reports for the WSPA newsletter. 

Certification Coordinator - Sets up study groups and supports/promotes the PACE and PCCE Exams, conducts info sessions for     the chapters.  Manages the closed study group on Facebook in coordination with the Social Media     Administrator.  Provide report of updates to Professional Development Committee Leader. 

CLE Coordinator - Coordinates state-wide networking events and CLE's.  May assist/support WSPA Chapter Directors in conducting   events as requested.  Works in connection with Ethics Committee Leader and Pro Bono Coordinator.  Provide   report of updates to Professional Development Committee Leader. 

Legislative Liaison - Research legislative activities within the profession, and organize content of opportunities to get involved in       activities.  The liaison will need to keep up to date on legislation affecting paralegals.  Provide report of       updates to Professional Development Committee Leader.  

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